September was pretty much dominated by Petra starting daycare and Alison trying to start to get back to work. Ironically, the daycare schedule has meant less sleep for me, although of course I am getting some work done, which I wasn’t over the summer. We started with a half day slot at a daycare near my office, and soon switched up to full time. Petra seems to love all the toys, friends, and attention there, so we don’t feel too bad about sending her away all day at such a young age. I can get over to feed her during the day sometimes if my schedule allows.

Some highlights:
(More photos on Flickr)

First day at daycare

Contributing to the development of SCIENCE by letting the Harvard Developmental Psychologists test her

Going to daycare with Dad

Practicing to be an opera star

Petra sings! from Matt McKeon on Vimeo.

Practicing penmanship

Petra writes a letter to GG from Matt McKeon on Vimeo.

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