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Another test post

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Belated birthday celebration for Grandma

Helping Grandma blow out the candles.


Cutting the cake.


Girls and Wheels

Petra takes Talia for a spin in the doll stroller.

Talia shows off her pulling to stand and proto-walking.

Girls and straws

Went out to dinner last weekend and the girls got straw cups. To our surprise, Talia figured out how to drink through the straw! She loved it.



Test post for blog cross post to FB


Fun with school lunch

First spring flower!

Talia and I went for a walk this afternoon and saw the first crocus around the corner!


Playground Antics

Saturday: Petra and Talia take turns driving the car. I was surprised Talia could do it herself (even if backwards)!


Sunday: Cousin Iris and Petra ride off into the sunset.


December in Review

This always seems to be the busiest month of the year!

Petra advanced in puree-eating:


Petra Eats Yams (2) from Matt McKeon on Vimeo.

She honed her present-unwrapping skills to prepare for Christmas:

Petra Opens Presents from Matt McKeon on Vimeo.

She sang Grandma Judith “Happy Birthday”

She encountered snow for the first time (didn’t much like it):

She also went for her first swim in the hotel pool while we were in Pittsburgh after Christmas:

Petra’s first swim from Matt McKeon on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for a separate post on Christmas.