My Dad came down last week to help us with Petra. He brought an old baby nightgown that was worn either by him (late 1930′s) or his mother (nineteen-oughts). It just fits Petra, and with this hot weather, seemed cooler than her onesies (but it rides up somethin’ terrible).

Petra and the Antique Family Nightgown from Matt McKeon on Vimeo.

One of the things Dad helped with was babysitting Petra for our first night out without her. We went to see a sneak preview of the new Harry Potter movie (very good). And this is what we found when we got home:

We also met up with one of Petra’s 3rd cousins, Stephen Shaw (my dad’s cousin’s grandchild). He’s about 18 years older than her and doing a summer school class at Harvard before his last year of high school.

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